28 September 2011

How to start your research proposal?

Posted by MamaShiLa at 11:49 AM
I found this and i would like to keep it in my blog..

  1. Start from libraries 
  2. A random search on a topic is not possible in general, and never recommended. Coordinate your efforts. If you can find a recent dissertation on the subject you are interested, it is great source of background information.
  3. If you can find a good first source, back trace the references cited in the source and start a collection of papers (don't forget to read them). Try to organize the papers in different piles, make shorts notes on the covers (it will help you during thesis writing)
  4. While doing the background search, you should always look for alternative approaches to the problem. Background search is great for developing ideas, some ideas are realized by others, some are not. 
  5. Some books are fundamentally important. Try to cover the contents of these books as much as you can. The information in these classical texts are highly valuable and can be refered and cited in many different contexts. The difference between a good and an amazing paper lies not in the specific details, but your overall understanding of the problem. A good paper may have very short "half life", an amazing paper has much longer half life.
  6. You never know what you need. Try to follow what your friends and other professors are working on. Try to attend lectures, seminars. Any work related or unrelated work can be an interesting lead for your research. Just be curious. 
  7. Stay curious. If you keep your focus on single subject for a long time, you may lose the intensity of your focus which is not good. Do alternative stuff, read books, see movies, play soccer; do not do activities total waste of time activities eating 50 lolipops at one sitting, watching televole etc. Read good stuff, watch good stuff, good is never defined.


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