18 November 2009

Those were the days in Bandung

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My husband and I went to Bandung, the capital of West Java Province, Indonesia on November 1-6, 2009. 

The airport

We flew by AirAsia and arrived Bandung on 4.30 pm local time after more or less 2 hours from LCCT, our supir (local name for driver), Pak Ejang greeted us at Bandara Husein Sastranegara (Bandara = bandar udara). Upon arrival, this is the only airport (I'm not sure bout others!) that allow taking picture..so while you were excitingly snap here and there please be prepared for a wait because need some times to queue at the immigration. They only have 2 counters and the section is quite packed so keep an eye on your bag next to the counter. If not, you maybe wasting extra time searching through the pile of bags.

Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung

The transport

Luckily, the airport located in the heart of Bandung city, about 4 km to the main shopping street. Do not panic if you not appoint any driver to fetch at the airport.  Outside the airport, there will be a line of taxi driver waiting. But, ensure that the were registered taxi company such as Bluebird or Gemah Ripah because they are the only chartered taxi that used meter or they called argoRecognizing them was easy because they are all blue Toyota Vios.

We decided not to assigned travel agent because it seems expensive because we were only 2, the charged was definitely not worth. But, if you go there in group (7-8 persons), it will be worthwhile as the charged about Rp 400,000 for 1 MPV/12 hours. If the taxi called by hotel, the minimum payment was Rp 20,000.  

Another option is to use an angkot. It is actually a mini bus but in a small scale. The fees is around Rp 1,000-2,000 depending on the distance. Before  u decide to use  angkot, ensure the destination is correct by asking locals. Or you may ask the supir itself. We tried once and we think it's cool...!

Angkutan kota

View inside the angkot 

The hotel

We stayed in Grand Seriti Hotel located in Jalan Hegarmanah. If you browse on the internet, there will be a lots of accommodation in Bandung. We booked this hotel through Agoda, one of the Asia's leading and fastest growing online hotel reservation service. We stayed for 6 days and 5 nights and the rate was USD 55 (about RM 120) per night + breakfast. In my opinion, the hotel services were prompt, pleasant plus the hotel staffs were very friendly, can speak basic English thus it makes a worthwhile stay for the two of us. The room? We felt very cozy in there, the flat screen tv and quiet ambient especially at night makes we felt like hooney mooney mode instead of shopping mode (meaning more time spent outside of the room). The location is just walking distance to the Setiabudhi supermarket, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and the glamorous factory oulet, Rumah Mode. So, no worries about the location. It is exactly in the middle of the city. Ok, full stop.

Grand Seriti Hotel, Hegarmanah, Bandung

The traffic and tips

In Bandung you will amazed with their traffic. From my thought, i will not eager to drive there...The roads were not as widest as what we have in Malaysia and the traffic were always congested or so called macet by them. One more thing, don't get weird when in the middle of traffic jammed, you will be "visited" by a group or sometimes individual beggars, buskers and even sellers (most of them sells ole-ole Bandung). Looking at them, my heart felt so touched so where never i go, just prepare small notes such as Rp1000 or Rp 5000 with niat sedekah. 

Traffics were congested most of the time especially during weekend
Yeah, it's all about tips. Again, prepare a small notes in your purse. If you need taxi, just tell local people and they will assist you in getting taxi. Just give them a tips and they thank us. Life in Bandung is just simple as that. Even though, you might experienced the traffic controller there were from local mens...give them a tips and they help you out...

The food

The foods were more on Sundanese and Padang taste. My spouse like all of it especially Nasi Timbel (must try one as recommended by him). But I'm not into it..dunno why..maybe I am a typical malay, so along the trip i just keep on makan Nasi Goreng.....Food restaurant and stalls were mostly halal.  

Padang food at Garuda Restaurant, Jln Setiabudhi

A must try...Teh botol. Price Rp 3000. Drink the teh only do not bring back the bottle!! 

Nasi Timbel

Aiskrim Durian, anyone? 

The shopping (Well, this is the best part!)

My head says "Bandung is the heaven of shopping". You will be amazed by the abundant of factory outlet. The brand? It goes ZARA, BCBG, GUESS, DKNY for woman, CK, NIKE, VERSACE, BURBERRY for men and OSHKOSH, MOTHERCARE for kids and lots more which i cant remember. Those are the placed we went during the trip:

1. Jalan Dago - Victoria (My favorite),Grande, Episode, Jetset, Glamor, Rich and famous (oso I like!!) 
Victoria FO


Donatello (Shoes)
2. Jalan Riau - The Secret (this is my husband favourite's store), Heritage, Oasis, Branded Club Boutique Outlet, Stamp and more. 

The secret - A must go FO if you go to Bandung

Inside The Secret 

Inside The Secret 

Heritage FO 


3. Jalan Setiabudhi - Rumah Mode, Natural and more.

Rumah Mode 

One of the sculptures at Rumah Mode 

Natural FO
4. Jalan Cibaduyut - if you are leather's lover, yes this is the exact place.
5. Jalan Cihampelas - you will adore of superhero features here. Most of them sell cheap shirt (less than RM10) and Bandung souvenirs. Lots of shops but most of them were likely sell the same things.





6. Toko tiga - looking for brand new jeans? this is the place...Levi's price were more likely in Malaysia. 
7. Pasar Baru - telekung and textiles.

View inside Pasar Baru

One of the bag shop

8. Paris Van Java - Shopping mall type. Have Sogo there and the original oshkosh stuff were more cheaper here.
Inside view of Paris Van Java
Mr. husband tiring face...hehe

Fan in front of cafe

That's all...can't tell much...experience it by yourself...shop till you drop!!


1.Remember to buy a sim card (kartu nelpon) in Bandung. You can find it easily along the roadside. I bought SIMPATI to make a call to CELCOM user in Malaysia without any code. You may call directly. If most of your family and friends in Malaysia were MAXIS user, then go for XL.
2. All FO were closed at 9 pm. So, keep an eye on your watch.
3. Honestly, people in Bandung were very polite where we rarely find it here in Malaysia. I'm overwhelmed.
4. For your safety, use a backpack during your journey especially in Pasar Baru. The pasar was packed and crowded.
5. Sometimes taxi will ask for an extra fees. You can negotiate with them, no harm.
6. We bought Peta belanja Bandung, available at each FO. This peta contain complete shopping guide..memang syok!

Bye-bye Bandung!
That's all about my trip in Bandung. 

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