24 October 2011

Why is it so hard to think positive?

Posted by MamaShiLa at 2:37 PM
Yeah..maybe the title is a bit irritating for some people..do i cares? Ekeke...i am positive thinker for most of my daily life..what i did..what i went through...family and work activities..but when it comes to PhD..it always end up with so negative mind...negative and negative...oh ya...before i forget...this entry just a sharing outlook for those who cares...sharing is caring, isn't it? 

But yesterday totally change my mind...all this while i thought that my proposal...referring to my proposal title exactly...was a "junk"..not feasible...very shallow..what happen was i had the opportunity to discuss my title and PhD plan with Dr. Ir. Shamsuddin ..he is Deputy Director General (Development) of Department of Environment, Malaysia. He was appointed as my department's professor adjung (dont know english term for this) so he came as an adviser for our undergraduate program. Luckily...his thought on my proposed project was so positive...he voiced out his comments and it open my eyes...my view on PhD my and exactly my mind totally change...i felt so lucky meeting him yesterday...and syukur to Allah for the simple meeting but he shared his big thought...i am so delighted!! syukur syukur..

I should move forward with this + symbol...plz keep it in your mind..your heart...so you always in your track...dont feel you are a loser before you fall in PhD road...many people want to be in your shoes...doing PhD with sponsorship...so you are one of the lucky person on earth among thousand..this is your opportunity..by hook or by crook..you must redah..but in redah je, u must be in a positive way...just imagine that you are fighting with cancer (which is nauzubillah..mohon dijauhkan)...mati is kuasa Tuhan...yang penting is doa....and always percaya...Allah maha mendengar!!!!

Alhamdulillah...i still remember one of his comment on my project and makes me feel terloncat2 was..."you have a very sound proposal..and i think you can make it"...im overwhelmed...

My spirit rising like a lightning...sharp, loud and shine!

This is the end of my entry and i want to share this...

Great people talk about ideas,
Medium people talk about things,
Small people talk about other people.

A quote from a wise man at my workplace..


W.R.W.A on October 25, 2011 at 6:44 PM said...

Keep up ur +Ve attitude... deaR fwen. berpikir terlalu byk pun tak bawa kita kemana... bertindak & berusaha & berserah diri... pasti ada sedikit kesusahan di mana2 jalan yg kiter pilih.. tp Allah pasti tunjukkan jalannya. ;)) ..

MamaShiLa on October 25, 2011 at 8:35 PM said...

ye mama Fizah...saya sudah tidak mahu pikir banyak lagi....i want to enjoy life.... :)) thanx mama Fizah!

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